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New Dev Welcome Favorlock

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so as you guys know we have been looking for a new dev to take over as the main Dev for the server.. we over here are vary excited to start working with him on a new game that has three letters in it so *** and one more word witch is going to be a surprise.. 

Go Follow him at https://twitter.com/Favorlock

On a nother note some of you will see that Nexsites will be removed from being bought in the store and moved to something you get in ranks now every month and there are going to be more Ranks coming that has Nexsites every week.. 


April 15th Weekly Development Update

  Kupo ·   23 comments · View on Forum

The server has been updated to version 1.9.2, you may still join with either 1.8 or 1.9 clients.

As a side note, Deamon has left the Nexus as a developer to work on other projects. As we work on filling his position with a replacement there will not be anymore development updates for the time being.


Sentinel Strike Tournament Cancellation

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Hey everyone - we'd like to apologize for not having the tournament today. I have been telling people that there was a lack of interest in the tournament because I hadn't been able to speak with Kyle about where we were on the signups (he was in charge of collecting those). Kyle has been really busy the past few days as he is taking apart everything in his apartment and moving in a few days, and ended up getting behind schedule which led me to not being able to touch base with him. So I went with just saying "general lack of of interest" - when in reality we had enough signups :[ 

As a consolation I will put x20 boosters up on Sentinel Strike for a few hours this afternoon when we would be having the tournament.

I will be making sure that tournaments make a return next month and we give this another go. The rest of April is impossible for us to do any streaming or organizing events as Kyle and I move in/take care of all that comes with that throughout this month. There will be some further announcements this month regarding things on the server as well while we're both busy with this stuff.


4/9/2016 Sentinel Strike Tournament!

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Gather your clan mates (or a few friends) because this Saturday we'll be hosting a Sentinel Strike tournament. Seeing as this is the first SS tournament, we're going to start this one on a small scale and see how it works with organizing all groups.
When: 4/9/16 @ 2pmEastern (what time is this for me? http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/
What Game: Sentinel Strike
What Map: TBD
Qualifying Match Prizes:  2000 credits for all team members
Final Match Prizes: 10,000 credits and the Victor title for all team members.
We will be playing 4 games with a final round match. (this will allow us to have 16 teams sign up)
Rules and Requirements
- You must sign up for this event as a group of 4. You do not have to be in a clan to participate, you just need to have 4 people per team. When posting please only have 1 person post the team so we don't get duplicate entries.
- Multiple groups from the same clan may join the event, as long as each team has 4 people.
- Players may only compete in one match. Alternate accounts are not allowed to be used through the event, and will result in you and your entire team risking a ban from the server.
- All usual Nexus rules must be followed during the event - players caught cheating will be risk being punished (as well as their team).
Sign Up Here!

Sign-ups are first come first serve for this event. We realize that the signup amount isn't especially large, but this is our first team event and will need to see how it goes for future team events. Signups will be open until Friday morning (April 8th) at the latest. If we are unable to fill all 16 slots we will not have the tournament.

Tournament groups will be posted on Friday afternoon around 5 pm eastern.


IMPORTANT: March 25th Weekly Development Update

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Hi everyone, Deamon, Feather, Kupo & Kyle here this week. This week's update is rather important so please make sure to read through things - also we'll be around answering questions  throughout the day regarding information on this.
As many people know,within the past weeks Mojang Brand Enforcement has been sending out letters to servers who are non-EULA compliant, recently we received this letter as well. From when we (the new development team) had arrived it was always within our vision to switch the server into being completely EULA compliant, because great gameplay shouldn't be behind a paywall.

The letter we received simply has sped up the process in which we've been working on converting things over. There were a lot of considerations we've had to keep in mind regarding to how the server was formed, and how it was run before us - but we believe we've come to a fair compromise.
Nexites and Credits
One of the requirements to being EULA compliant is the limitation between hard/soft currencies. Previously on the server you could use real world money to purchase Nexites (an in game currency) that would allow you to buy certain items that would give you perks and benefits over players who did not purchase things.

Credits are absolutely allowed as they are an in game currency that is earnable by all players and *not* purchasable.
What does this mean for the server?
All game changing/affecting purchases that cost real world money have been removed from the server/converted into being purchased with in game credits. This includes the following changes:
SG: Removed mutation passes from the store. You can now purchase mutation passes in game for credits.
SW: All kits are purchasable with credits.
Factions: All items have been removed from the store, in the future we will be adding credit
purchases for them again.
CTF: All kits are now purchasable with credits
Lucky Loot Wars: All kits are now purchasable with credits
Money Rush: All kits are now purchasable with credits.
MCSwat: All killstreaks are now purchasable with credits.
What does this mean for players?
The Nexus is now truly free to play for players. If you have made purchases they are still in your inventory and you will be able to use them.

You will still earn credits the same way you always have in game by winning games and other various methods.
(Remember when I said during the SG tournament you're gona want credits in the future and everyone called me crazy? -kupo)
Premium Ranks
In their current form premium ranks are breaking the EULA in giving preferred access to specific features (party sizes, preferential treatment in accessing games with non-premium players, etc). Ranks have been stripped down to have features like this removed so that player experience is across the board for all player groups.
However, Premium Ranks are purchases people use to help support the server, which in turn helps us continue to do our jobs and create new development for the server. With the addition to how important credits will be to the server, Premium Ranks will now have a monthly credit salary that is awarded every 30 days from purchase.
What this means for players?
Iron Rank (1 month): Receive a salary of 3,000 credits a month
Gold Rank (1 month): Receive a salary of 5,000 credits a month
Diamond Rank (1month): Receive a salary of 10,000 credits a month
If you purchase a rank for multiple months at a time - you will get a bonus amount of monthly credits for your purchase.
Iron Rank (2 months or more): you will get 3,000 base credits and a bonus 500 credits per extra month.
Gold Rank (2 months or more): you will get 5,000 base credits and a bonus 1000 credits per extra month.
Diamond (2 months or more): you will get 10,000 credits a month and a bonus 1500 credits per extra month.
Credit bonuses due to extra month purchases will cap at 12 months.
You can view the shop for a full feature list of the updated rank perks.
Credit Boosters
With the changes to how credits will be used on the server, credit boosters have also been revamped. When you purchase a credit booster and select it, you can select the game you want it applied to and it will affect ALL players within that game on the server.

Credit boosters will also stack when people use them, for example if you join a game of Sentinel Strike and see that 3 people have activated a credit booster, you can also activate yours to get an even higher bonus amount of credits for you and everyone playing.
There is *no* limit to how high credit boosting can go, and they will last for a total of 90 minutes upon activation.
Nexite Usage
Nexites will now have 2 purposes - for pure cosmetic changes (titles, visual upgrades, etc), and for purchasing credit boosters at a reduced rate from the shop. No other purchases will be made using Nexites.
Server Development
As a personal note from us, we are aware that changing things over to a free to play model is a risky move for the server. It was always our wish to be EULA compliant though, as we have been working towards creating a better experience on the server since we arrived - going above and beyond what is typically expected in our positions.
The Nexus is a full time job for us, as we're typically working everyday through the early hours into the morning. Putting in 90+ hour weeks to maintain the server, fix things as necessary, create new content, and run special events means that without the support of our community we cannot continue to do these things.

In the next few months the server will be looked at to see if it can continue to pay for development and daily operational costs. In short, if you like what we do - and the changes and additions that we have put our time into for the server, we ask that you consider supporting us.
You can do so by checking out some of our cosmetic items, premium ranks, or additional things in our shop. In the past few months since we have arrived - we have been working mostly probono in order to help revive and revitalize the server. We will not be able to continue working in this way however without community support.

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