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Throughout today and tomorrow, save on your favorite items from TheNexus Shop with crazy sales!

Save 30% on any of these items:

  • Any Mutation Types purchased through the shop
  • All Premium Ranks!
  • All Nexite Packages!
  • All Mutation Passes purchased through the shop
  • All Titles that show on your profile and next to your name ingame!

Save 75% on any of these items:

  • All Credit Boosters purchased from the shop
  • All Lucky Loot Wars kits purchased from the shop
  • All Money Rush kits purchased from the shop
  • All Capture the Flag premium loadout items, purchased from the shop
  • All MC SWAT & SnD killstreaks purchased from the shop
  • Any kits for any of the 3 faction servers
This sale extends until the end of tomorrow, Black Friday!



"Hot" Filter

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To keep content flowing fresh in Ideas and Maps, I've added a new filter called "Hot".

The "Hot" filter is now default, and will show the most liked content from within the past 30 days. This will keep the default pages showing this content fresh if a highly liked submission isn't accepted or implemented right away.

You can still revert to the sorting that you're used to by selecting "Top Rated" instead, but hopefully this keeps things fresh!


Lucky Loot Wars! Update 1! :)

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The new game has received overwhelmingly positive feedback! Woohoo! Here's some NEW STUFF:

Destructible Generated Blocks
Blocks that are placed by Loot Chests during the game can now be broken without respawning. Only map blocks will regenerate over time.

Spawn Items
ALL players will now spawn with a Leather Chestplate + Wood Sword, regardless of if you have a kit set or not!

Buffed Magic Missile
The Magic Missile now has increased damage, and is AOE! Hit those crowds of enemies!

NEW ITEM: Monument Hammer!
This powerful hammer does CRITICAL damage to monuments! Attack a monument with it to do a whopping 50 DAMAGE to the other team! Ouch! It despawns after being used.

NEW MECHANIC: Faster Monument Destruction!
Every 5 minutes the game goes on for, the amount of damage a single hit deals to the monument doubles. This should help those longer games, drastically!

Structure Changes
Structures like the Lava Cell now have block improvements to stop liquid flow everywhere.

Source Block Despawning
Like normal block placement, dumped buckets will now have their source block removed after a short time.

Less Energetic Items
Items will no longer jump 50 blocks into the air out of chests, and instead, will calmly rest on top. Some items will still fly out, but only those that come in bundles.

We love your feedback! Enjoy our new update!



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Come one, come all, come see the brand new...


Lucky Loot Wars joins Search n Destroy as another new game on TheNexus!


Innocent they may seem... Lucky Chests can contain many different items... many good, but many bad! Lucky Chests are scattered throughout the 3 maps we're launching with, and respawn every 45 seconds, ensuring there are no shortage of items!


The Monument is the heart and soul of your team. It has 500 HP, but don't be fooled, if this is destroyed, you're pretty much finished. Once your monument explodes, respawning for everybody on your team is disabled, so you better be the best half-heart warrior you can!

If you do not pick a kit, you will start each life with a Wood Sword and Leather Chestplate. The kits below might give you a slight advantage each life, however...

Spawns with 2 Golden Apples and 1 Healing Potion every life.

Spawns with a Golden Helm (w/ Unbreaking II), Diamond Sword, 5 Steak, and a Speed Potion every life.

Starts the game with 10 personal loot chests, that only you can open.

Allows you to respawn 1 more time with ALL of your gear, after your monument is destroyed. Make that last stand!

This game is now in OPEN BETA and ready for you guys to play! Enjoy, and let us know what you think!


Gamemode: Search & DESTROY!

  Celestiielle ·   13 comments · View on Forum

Good Morning/Evening everyone! Hannah here, to announce a brand new update!
Yes, you heard that right, we have just released an amazing new gamemode, Search & Destroy!

If you play CS:GO, You'll be very familiar with the game mechanics. Now, you may ask, what makes this special?
Using the classic Minecraft SWAT maps, we introduce to you, a FAST PACED, TEAM-BASED gameplay.
What's the goal? ELIMINATE all your enemies on the opposing team, and complete bomb based objectives.
Unlike other gamemodes, the clock IS NOT your friend in this one, be hasty, but also stealthy.

NOTE: To have the best experience while playing, please download our Custom Texture pack, as requested when you join the SND servers. 
(need help with the texture pack? This will help you: https://thenexusmc.com/support/faq/61)
What does the gamemode look like? 

We as the nexus team really hope you will enjoy this gamemode, as we are working on a new game, in the testing right now, (LLW is all I'll hint )
Anyway, we hope you really enjoy this!

~Hannah & The Nexus Staff Team

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