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PMR v2, New Scoreboards, Combat Changes

  Turqmelon ·   21 comments · View on Forum

Since the launch of Nexus v2, PowerMoveRegulator has been the backend in catching hackers and alerting our mod team. Now, comes the update.

With the help of   konsolas, I'm happy to announce PowerMoveRegulator V2, the latest and greatest in cheat detection. With our latest change, you should notice less lagbacks, quicker detection of actually cheating players, and a smoother PvP experience. PMR v1 used parts of NoCheatPlus for it's movement detection, but everything is now completely re-written (again, huuuuge thanks to   konsolas).

Hopefully this leads to a better experience for everybody!

Our old scoreboard designs were a weeee bit outdated. These new designs should be MUCH easier to read, and look a lot friendlier! They're currently live in hubs, survival games, MC SWAT, and Surprise Eggs. Future games coming soon!

We've also done it in such a way where you should never see any blinking, flashing, or otherwise annoying scoreboard flickering found on other servers that use similar designs. :)

With this patch, we've also made some various fixes and added some new stuff:

  • Added /ping and /ping <Player>, for viewing your own and another player's ping
  • If you're Combat Tagged, text that would normally be put in the center of your screen will be moved to your Action Bar
  • Fixed an issue causing the Creeper Mutation not to die if they don't kill their target in suicide mode.
  • Various other changes and fixes
Enjoy guys! More tweaks to come!


The Clans Update - Applications (Part 2)

  Turqmelon ·   6 comments · View on Forum

(Part 2)

I'm very happy to bring you guys Part 2 of our clans update! And this one should make managing people joining much easier...

Introducing, Applications! Clans can now create a form players fill out when they'd like to apply, and gain an easy-to-use interface to manage the people that are pending.

The Application Manager can be accessed by Managers and Leaders by clicking on "Applications" on the clan sidebar.

The first thing you'll see when here is Form Builder. This is where you can select the questions you can ask of your applicants.

Along the bottom are two buttons to allow you to add a new question, or turn off/on accepting new applicants.

When your clan is taking applications, the Accepting Applications icon will appear on the Clans Listing.

When a new player wants to apply for your clan, they just visit your clan page, and go to the "Application" tab.

The form they fill out mirrors what you see in the builder exactly. When they submit their application, all Manages and Leaders will receive a notification, and you can view them by clicking "Pending Applications" at the top of the Applications Manager.

Clicking the checkmark will approve the application and automatically send them an invite (assuming there is enough space), while clicking the trash will delete the application.

With this update as well, ALL PLAYERS CAN NOW CREATE CLANS, not just premium members!

Let me know what you think! Enjoy!


We want you! To submit Factions Ideas.

  AlexirCraft ·   21 comments · View on Forum

Hello Everyone!   AlexirCraft Here!

As you can tell by the title we over at the Nexus are looking for some Factions ideas from you all!
We want to see your creativity and have it implemented into our awesome server.
Specifically we are looking for Loot Chest Items, Quests, Dungeon Ideas, and more!
I can't wait to see all of your awesome ideas, and hope you all enjoy playing!

Loot Chest Item Template
Here we'll have a little template for you guys so you know exactly what we're looking for and it's
easier for you all to make those EPIC items for our server!

  • Name
  • Enchants,
  • Special FX,
  • Description if Custom! (IE Mitch Time for the Clock)
  • Potion fx. (IE Absorption, or something that increases max armor slots)

Quests Template

For Quests we’re looking for quests ranging from Very Simple to Hardcore!
So all of you MMORPG players this is for you!

  • Backstory of some sort for quest (IE Notch asking for ?? Golden apples)
  • Specific item, or action needed to complete quest.
  • Reward for completing quest (IE 10 Pieces of TNT)

Dungeon Template

As for dungeons it’s very similar to quests!
So those of you dungeon crawler players make sure to get creative!

Thanks for submitting if you do!

I can't wait to see all of your amazing ideas!
Hope you all enjoy playing on the Nexus <3


The Clans Update (Part 1)

  Turqmelon ·   7 comments · View on Forum

(Part 1)

Clans have always played a large in our competitive minigame community, and I'm proud to announce our official support for them

What does this mean?
There are 3 parts to this update, and this is only part 1. These changes should provide you guys with more then enough features to make use of our brand new features, in preparation for things to come.

What does Part 1 include?
Part 1 includes official support for clans on our site. This means a clan badge shown on profiles, a clan page, and a full on roster for each clan. These pages will later provide support for other features we have planned, like tournaments and awards.

How do I make a clan?
1. Click the new "Clans" button under "Community" in the navigation

2. Click "New Clan" at the top right of the listing.

3. Fill out the details for your clan. For now, you just have to give us the name of it. Later, you can add details like your clan icon and description.
The second box is your clan URL. That's how other players will link to your clan. The URL can match your name, but it doesn't have to.

4. Begin customizing. After creation, you'll be brought to your clan page. Choose "Edit Page" on the left to start customizing.

5. Select a clan icon. This icon will represent your clan on your page, and on clan member profiles. It should be 150x150.

6. Set your description. Your description would be just what you used to put in clan forum threads.

7. Now it's time to build up your clan! Click "Save Changes" to save any changes to the icon or description you've made, then click "Manage Roster" on the left.

Along the top, you can enter a player's name to send them an invitation. Once they join, they'll be given the "Recruit" rank. You can promote, demote, or kick players as they join your clan. Mouse over the ? next to a rank to see the details of it.

8. There is no step 8. Once your clan is set to go, visit your profile, and check out your new clan badge!

Go get started with the new features! More features for clans coming very soon!


BUILD CHALLENGE: ArcadiaCon 2015!

  Turqmelon ·   13 comments · View on Forum

Welcome! To the FIRST Nexus Build Challenge!
For those unaware, TheNexus will be hosting the PVP Tournament at ArcadiaCon 2015 this June! For this event, we plan to host our popular Survival Games gametype. In order to make the event unique, one of the changes is going to be a completely unique map, which is what we're reaching out to you guys for!

How does it work?
It's simple! Build a Survival Games map as you would normally, per our map development guidelines, then submit it to our Map Library! To make sure it's submitted to the competition, place it under the "ArcadiaCon 2015 Event" game!

Make sure the map page is the best it can be!

How is the winner selected?
The winning maps are based on the top liked maps by June 10th, 2015. The more appealing your map is, the more likes it receives! Stolen maps, or maps that have already been submitted to other networks are not eligible. Maps must also receive final owner approval.

What do the winners receive?

The BEST map will be used at the ArcadiaCon 2015 PVP Event! Your map will be played by thousands of people over the course of Saturday and Sunday, and you'll receive tons of recognition. You'll also receive lifetime Architect rank and 2,500 Nexites.

The runner up map will be added to our map rotation during the event. The map builders will receive Architect rank for as long as their map is on our network.


Check out the submissions so far.

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