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Feb. SG Tournament Signups!

  Kupo ·   51 comments · View on Forum
February Nexus SG Tournament!
Hello and welcome to the first, of hopefully many, Nexus events! As you all know we've been spreading a little bit of info about the tournament but here is the full list of rules, requirements, and prizes for the event. Please make sure to read everything as there are some very specific rules. Setting up a tournament this
size is...something we've never done before, so here's to hoping it goes smoothly with you guys cooperation! :]
Tournament Guidelines

Tournament Dates:

Saturday Feb. 20th -starting at 1 pm EST running until Day 1 Completion
Sunday Feb 21st -starting at 1 pm EST running until Day 2 completion, and then a final game with all winners.
*IMPORTANT* If you are planning on playing please make sure that you will be available for both days as your playing day/time will be randomly decided.
Amount of Signups we can accept: 400 (Works out to 10 qualifying matches each day, running at 15 minutes each), once we hit this limit we cannot fit in anymore people.
Signups will be open until Feb 17th, or once we hit our limit.
Please do not signup with alt accounts, we want players to get 1 shot each. If suspected of trying to bend these rules we will revoke any prizes won, and ban you from entering any further Nexus events.
Game Map: TBA on dayof tournament
Tournament Type: FFA- we cannot 100% prevent teaming but we will do our best to make sure that players are playing fairly in the games.
How it's going to work: Players will sign up with their IGN and E-mail (you must be registered on the site). We will then randomly select groups of 20 and send them a mail with what date/time they will be playing on. Players will be allowed onto the Tournament Server up to 15 minutes before their match time. Please make sure that you're ready when your time is set! The winner of each normal game will be contacted and notified of when they need to show up for the final Winner Take All event. The Winner Take All match will be held on Sunday after the 10 qualifying matches are played.
In Game Rules: We will be running this tournament as vanilla as possible. There will be no perks/mutations/skill points/etc that will be available to use so that this can be a fair match to everyone involved. All other standard SG rules on the server apply - use of hacks/modifications will result in a player being instantly disqualified.
Prizes: Qualifying match wins: Winner will receive 5000 credits
              Winner Take All win: Winner willreceive 10,000 credits and unique title of Tournament Winner
Tournament Signups: If you've read everything sign up here!
Circumstances: There are some circumstances that will be out of our control, such as players not showing up for their matches and some games having less people than others due to no shows. These are things that we cannot avoid as this tournament is hosted online. We won't be able to wait for players if they do not show up, which is why we've asked everyone to be ready before their match 15 minutes earlier.

On our end - please understand that organizing a tournament of 400 random people from all around the world is something that is going to be extremely
tough, we're hoping though that we can make this happen, because if it does it will open a whole new level of things we can do for the server, so help us make
that happen!
**Rules and requirements are subject to be edited leading up until Feb 17th. In the event that the backend behind the tournament is not working by the last day of signups, we will let you guys know if the tournament is happening or not. As is everything looks good, but we'll need to do some testing.**


Feb 5th - Weekly Development Update

  Kupo ·   39 comments · View on Forum
Deamon, Featherblade, and Kupo here! I know we said these would be weekly but well…we couldn't wait! Actually these written updates are now going to happen on Friday just in time for the weekend. Speaking of that - while we do make changes in game during the week they will not always be live across all things until Friday comes, so nothing is final until we write it up. Without further ado - let's get on to some fixes!

Performance(Let our people play - without lag!)


-We've made some minor performance upgrades to SG and Hubs. We're expecting that this should alleviate some lag from players, let's use this weekend
to test out that theory!
-Lagback issues in Hubs should be resolved now.

- Significant decrease in Fishing Rod lag in SG

Factions Robots

- Factions Robots West boss is now fixed and drops loot.
Factions Monsters

- Factions Robots South boss has had the water temporarily drained within the area while we look into issues surrounding this area.

Survival Games

- You can now jump on the pedestal in SG without there being a chance of being rocketed in air and dying before the game starts.

- The Frugal Shopper perk has been fixed and now gives the appropriate discount per level.

- Enderman Mutation should no longer kick you for flying.

- SG signs are now clickable again when voting

- Lovecraft, Powermoves City, and Snowglobe spawns now have correct spawning

- Flint and Steel should work properly now without spamming!

And now for the much debated hot topic of SG - let's talk TNT.
During the past week we've seen multitudes of threads of people telling us they either love or hate TNT. It's an issue that the community feels quite strongly about no matter which side they're on, and one that we sadly have not had the chance to really be a part of ourselves as it was something created before we were here. In coming into all of the games now - we're doing our best to make sure that the games we have are balanced. In saying that - we are keeping TNT within SG, but we have decided to change the time levels in which TNT will go off.
TNT will now explode at a rate of 2.2, 2, 1.8, 1.6, 1.4, 1.2, and 1 second at it's highest skill point.
We'd like to see how these changes affect the games, and will be keeping our eyes and ears open to listen to you guy's feedback on the new changes.

- Players will no longer be kicked for flying when falling onto their island at the game start.

- You can no longer block yourself in chat.
- The first Nexus SG Tournament of 2016 is going to be happening this
month! Signups and information will be posted on Monday Feb 8th. This
tournament will be open to the first 500 sign ups.
In the past 5 days, 53 new issues have been reported to us. As always if you experience any bugs or issues within games feel free to reach out to us. You can post on the weekly update thread, PM me privately, or contact a moderator with your issue. Any screenshots or video helps us out as we're not always able to
recreate issues. We hope you all enjoy the updates, now go play some games! :]


Feb 1st Weekly Development Update

  Kupo ·   50 comments · View on Forum
Hi everyone! Deamon,Feather and Kupo here to update you guys as to what's going on behind the scenes over @ The Nexus. We'll be putting out weekly public updates about what we're doing, cool things we have planned, and just in general getting a chance to talk to you guys. They might sometimes be long reads, but we believe it's  important to stay in touch with you guys so you can all get hyped up to see new changes!
First off, we need to preface this announcement with some info about what our job actually is. We are here for a 1 month provisional period in which we were tasked in creating a  new game with an early March release. If our provisional period goes  well, *then* we will be able to work here fulltime and take care of all
of the issues that have stacked up on the server.
To help us prepare for being here (hopefully) longterm, we've compiled a few lists of existing issues and would like to address them.

2/1/16 ChangeLog andBugfixes
When using /r - it will now respond to whoever you last sent or received a message from.
Previously /r replied to whoever you wrote a message to last.
2/1/16 Development Log
Game Development: Stage 1 of 5 backend and visual features started.
Sorry no sneak peeks on this project, all we want to say is it's something totally new for mc! :]
Social Development: We'd like to introduce monthly tournaments on to the server. In the process of
working with the mods and developers to make this a reality. As it's looking so far, February looks like a good month to do this :]
Existing Issues
You guys are totally right, there are lag issues that are hindering peoples game play experiences. We've spent some time tracking down what could be the cause of this and have found a few issues. The changes needed to fix this issue are extremely major and will require total revamps of existing systems. This will be one of the first issues that we will work on fixing once we're given the greenlight.
Other Known Issues
FNS (gameplay)
Friends List(social)
TNT in SG doesn't go away (gameplay)
SG vote signs are not clickable (gameplay)
2x XP is not giving the correct amount of XP (gameplay)
You can block yourself (gameplay)
Military Isle map name is spelled wrong in game. (visual)
Anticheat kicks players in SG who are using the Enderman Mutation (gameplay)
Factions MCMMO levels go above 1000, they should be capped. (gameplay)
Factions Frost needs reset (opinion)(gameplay)
In the hub you receive messages saying "you can use /hub to return to the hub" (social)
Custom Audio is broken (extra)
Slashed are culled from private messages (social)
Announcements do not have clickable links (social)
Server Consolidation(management)
We are sure there are more issues, and we will be working with the moderators in creating a depository for making sure verified/known bugs are reported directly to us. With the list current list of issues that we have, we hope you guys can understand that changes simply aren't going to happen over night. It's going to be a long process with lots of late nights and coffee, but at the end of the day being able to provide you guys with an amazing community is what we're aiming for :]


Welcome TVB

  kylern389 ·   39 comments · View on Forum
As most of you know by now, The Nexus is undergoing some major revamps in regards to its infrastructure, and everyone's been wondering - "what's going to happen next". Today we're here to answer you guys and to let everyone know what the future holds for the community. Yesterday we announced on @TheNexusMC that we were going to be bringing in three new developers from The VoxelBox community.  This might be a community that some might not be familiar with, so some introductions are in order!

The VoxelBox has been a creative community since near the dawn of Minecraft (aka: October 2010). They've been featured throughout the Minecraft community for their amazing builds, adventure maps, plugins (VoxelSniper!), and other crazy ventures they've taken on. They actively work with educational organizations such as The Smithsonian Institute, they have directed and produced an opera (within Minecraft!), work with Minecraft Realms, and they've even been featured at The New York Film Festival for their creativity and storytelling. 
The Nexus and The VoxelBox have had a close relationship for the past 4 years, working  together on a few Nexus projects, personal projects with Mitch and Jerome, as well as with many other Youtubers and servers throughout the community.

Twitter: @Deamon5550
Coming from the not so cold side of Canada with a degree in Software Engineering, Deamon has always enjoyed creating new ways to enhance what's possible within Minecraft. He's been involved in the creation and maintaining of the popular building tool, VoxelSniper, as well as working on the development of server software, Sponge. In his "free" time, Deamon enjoys making even more games outside of Minecraft. On a side note, Deamon would like to ask the Minecraft community to stop referring to Sniper as Voxel, it just doesn't make any sense. 

Twitter: @FeatheredBudgie
(even though he's a bird, he doesn't like to tweet - let's see if we can get him to change that habbit)
Coming from the land of Hobbits, FeatherBlade is a New Zealander with a brand new Degree in Computer Science.  Feather has been active in both visual and backend creation in game design. As a bird of all trades, FeatherBlade is interested in Digital Electronics, Artificial Intelligence, and working with his Moogle friend, Kupo. 
FeatherBlade would like to remind everyone "Remember to drink lemonade in moderation! There's a reason birds have no teeth."

Twitter: @mckupo
With a Multimedia degree, Kupo has spent the past years working in various creative aspects where ever she is needed. While her primary job is designing visual ideas within Minecraft, she also handles game design and creation, audio and video editing, animation, graphics,  3d modeling, is the project manager for The VoxelBox, and every so often when the moon is full she might be found actually getting some sleep. If you attended ArcadiaCon in 2014/2015, you might have met Kupo who was helping run with The Nexus tournament/and running her own game section called BudgieHouse games (created with Deamon and Feather as well).
While our experience isn't traditionally within the mini-game community, our skillsets and past experience have more than prepared us for the upcoming challenge. With our different outlook, we hope to bring you guys the most unique server experience that we can possibly bring to the table. We're excited to be here, and hope you guys will enjoy what we've got rolling out within the next few months!


Farewell, Turqmelon.

  Celestiielle ·   65 comments · View on Forum

Hello, Nexus community.
Today, I bring some rather sad news, today, we have had an announcement,
that our LONG serving Developer,   Turqmelon, is stepping down.

He has served us since the start of the Nexus project, and we cannot thank him enough.
Over the past 853 days, Turq has been working like crazy to make the nexus the way it is today.
However, much like our past owners, such as Brandon and Tanner, the torch must be passed eventually.

I'd like on behalf of the Staff Team, like to thank Turq for all his efforts, that were essential to the survival of this server.
Through thick-and-thin, we sincerely wish you the best of luck on your next developing project.
Make sure you do send Turq lots of love, as this decision wouldn't of been easy. 

Message to Turq: 
Dear Turq, you will have a place in our hearts forever, and you will always be remembered.
In the heart of the staff team, and the players. You are irreplaceable, and this change will hurt, but times change.
We sincerely wish you luck in your future, and life.

~Staff Team

Just remember Turq, we appriciated your work so much, even though you might not of felt it 100% of the time, we really loved what you did.
You will be missed,

Farewell. <3

Turq also wrote a message here, if you want to read an extended version:

Turq's Farewell

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