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SG's Brand New Item... Supply Drops!

  AlexirCraft ·   13 comments · View on Forum

Hello everyone!   AlexirCraft Here!

We over at The Nexus are pleased to announce

a new item in SG..

Supply Drops

Supply Drops can be found in normal chests,
and once placed the location is in chat for everyone to see so be careful!

You'll be able to tell where the supply drop is with these awesome particle effects that resemble a flare!

What's inside?

After a few seconds a chest will appear and inside will be a varity of items!
Including Armor,Food, and Weapons!

We hope you enjoy and hope you're excited for upcoming games & maps in the works  



  Turqmelon ·   0 comments · View on Forum

Man! June was a great month! So much prep for ArcadiaCon then Minecon right after, amazed we got a breath in! *gasp*!

Now, we bring you another map update - this time it'll be 4 maps to make up for the period of time since our last one. These maps include the 3 winners for our ArcadiaCon Build Challenge, as well as a community fanfavorite!

Here they are...

A giant open-world map! This gem claimed the top spot for ArcadiaCon 2015 and was played by thousands of Attendees at The Nexus PVP Tournament! Congrats on the top spot! Both builders have been issued ARCHITECT and 1,250 Nexites each as a congratulations! Nice job, and thanks for providing us an awesome map!

ArcadiaCon was played as the final map during the Nexus PVP Tournament. This creation perfectly replicates the convention center that held ArcadiaCon 2015, and goes down to using building schematics to make sure everything was oriented perfectly.

Verdant came in 3rd place for the ArcadiaCon build challenge. As a thanks for participating, the top 3 builders involved have also been issued Architect ranks! Nice job

A build headed by Lynnell and Strudel (both previous moderators), we're very happy to be including it as well. While this wasn't entered for ArcadiaCon 2015, it HAS received much positive community feedback, so we're tossing it in with this update as well!

That concludes this map update! These maps are live on TheNexus, and playable now!

The next update will include some other highly rated maps, and not just for Survival Games.

Stay awesome!


Welcome to Factions Robots!

  AlexirCraft ·   4 comments · View on Forum

Hello Everyone!   AlexirCraft here!


This Factions Server is UP! So Happy Gaming!
But I'll be going over what's new so please read on! 

What's New?


With the help of the   Bacca himself we've created 4 custom made dungeons as well as some mini dungeons! 
These dungeons are separated in all of the warps and are extremely tough!
Can you defeat them all?

Custom Nexus Loot!

We've added new awesome items that are exclusive to Factions Robots!
You can find these in 
Lucky Loot Chests as well as treasure chests after defeating dungeons!
Can you find them all?


For the new faction we've added kits as well! These awesome custom kits are super strong and can help you 
conquer the hardest dungeon, raid the biggest base, and win the toughest battles!
Custom Kits are coming soon!

Thanks for playing on The Nexus!




  Turqmelon ·   26 comments · View on Forum

Our community is expanding faster than ever, and it's all thanks to you guys!

Today, we hit 1 Million Player joins since October 2014, when we officially launched Nexus V2 to the public. We could not be happier with the result of how things are going, and we have plenty of new stuff to compliment this incredible milestone.

To celebrate, for the next 48 hours, there is a FLASH SALE!

  • Save 25% on ALL Nexite and Rank purchases
  • Save 50% on ALL content from Factions: Frost
  • Save 10% on ALL content from Factions: Monsters, and something new...

The feedback we received on Factions: Monsters has been so unbelievably positive, that we're opening another realm just like it, with a new futuristic theme! With this server comes space for 250 more players in a high-tech and futuristic realm!

We're looking to release this new realm either today or tomorrow, depending on how some last minute tweaks go.

The Nexus team has expanded quite a lot in the past few months, and now we have a new logo to reflect that. We are also dropping the "V2" from our title, to become just "The Nexus"!. Here's a look at our new logo:

This logo will be rolled out over all of our services slowly, and will become much more prominent after ArcadiaCon: 2015 this weekend!

The future is looking bright, and we're super glad to be able to offer you guys what we have planned!

You guys are awesome,
Turqmelon, and the rest of The Nexus Team!


Voting has ended! Thank you all!

  Turqmelon ·   7 comments · View on Forum

Thank you all for entering our first ever build challenge!
...And thank you to the rest of the community for voting!

The results you see on our map page are final. We'll be following up with an official announcement of the winners.

Winners: You will receive your rewards after the ArcadiaCon 2015 event!

Thanks again for entering, and see those of you attending in Florida in 2 weeks!

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