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TheNexusMC Official Youtube Channel!

  Celestiielle ·   26 comments · View on Forum

Hello Nexus community! It's Hannah here again, to announce something WONDERFUL for you guys!
We, as the Nexus have created an official Youtube Channel!
No, not to just post videos on how amazing we are, but to showcase, and show how awesome our Player-base is! This channel is mainly to interact with you guys!

This channel is run by the fabulous people following:

|  AlexirCraft|  SebTH1|  shadowcruz|  KrazyPandaz|

This channel will feature content such as:
-Map showcases 
-Alpha & Beta game testing
-Behind-the-scenes of the Nexus
-LOL videos with Staff
-Sneak peaks of upcoming gamemodes
-Special Announcements

So make sure you subscribe right here by clicking on the Subscribe button!


We look forward to interacting with you guys!
Have a good morning/day/evening/night wherever you may be in the world!

~Hannah & The Nexus Staff Team


Item Progession

  Turqmelon ·   4 comments · View on Forum

Item Progression
The next part of Capture the Flag has been finished, and has been rolled out to our games! Some items in the loadout browser now have multiple levels!

When mousing over an upgradable item, the current level (and max level) are shown up top, as well as the current stats vs the next level's stats. Right clicking the item will purchase the next upgrade. Once an item is upgraded, you have the upgrade forever! It does not cost more Loadout Points, and will stay the new level across all loadouts. (Even if the one you upgraded it on was deleted!)

We feel like this change will add much more replay value, as players will strive to upgrade the items they use most often!

More upgradable items are coming in the future, but quite a few armor sets, weapons, and special items currently share this feature.

A more organized loadout builder!
To make equipping and de-quipping items faster, I've redesigned the item selector. Equipped items show up on the top 2 rows, and others show up on the bottom. The enchanted effect wasn't clear enough, so this should make it easier to see!

Other notable changes:
  • The Strength potion was removed from the game
  • Speed I is now an option (instead of only speed II) for 8 Loadout Points
  • Added support for future "Announcer Packs"
Enjoy! This update is live on all CTF servers!


The Announcer Update

  Turqmelon ·   13 comments · View on Forum

Capture The Flag is about to get MUCH cooler.
Today, I've pushed an update to bring the immersion of our new CTF game to the next level: An announcer!

All great games have a voice that guides you, so you don't have the constantly pay attention to chat, and now we have that awesome voice! (It just so happens to belong to   AshPurdyy too).

The first time you join a CTF server since this update, you'll be asked if you'd like to allow us to send you resource packs. If you want to hear custom sounds, just say Yes. Once you say yes once, the pack will automatically download every time you join a future game. Now, you'll hear AshPurdyy narrating your respawn timer, flag status, and turret/minion spawner destructions! It's actually super awesome!

If you choose No, we won't bug you again, but you won't hear the announcer for this game (or any other that may use it in the future). If you change your mind, just visit us on your server list and set "Server Resource Pack" to "Enabled".

Let us know what you think! If this update is taken well, we have many future plans for this...

Other notable changes:
  • Cake eating is now completely disabled
  • You can no longer wander into the void as a spectator
  • Flags dropped in water will now instantly respawn at base
  • Spectators can no longer use game pads
  • All sword prices have been increased by 1 Loadout Point.


Introducing Sudden Death

  Turqmelon ·   11 comments · View on Forum
Tie Breakers! Tie Breakers Everywhere!
Today I'm very happy to introduce a new change to CTF... introducing Sudden Death mode!

Sudden Death mode is our solution to frustrating games that end in no winner because of equal captures. This will happen no more!

At the end of the game that would end in a tie, Sudden Death mode is activated. During this mode, the following changes are activated:

  • There are no more respawning
  • There is no joining either team, regardless of size
  • The capture goal is changed to be the next capture for either team.
This means that once you die, you're out, and that's the point. The game's winner is dictated by whichever team gets the next capture, or whichever team isn't completely eliminated.

Keep in mind, this has no effect on games that wouldn't end in a tie! If you're beating the other team 4 - 2, and the timer expires, your team wins! No Sudden Death!

This update will be rolling out this weekend, so look for it on a CTF server near you!

Other notable changes...
  • The cost to respawn will never exceed 1,000 Credits
  • Games are now capped at 20 Minutes, instead of a half hour
  • Attempting to bypass a team barrier will now kick you from the server
  • Turrets & Minion Spawners now carry 25 HP, instead of 10. They also cost less Loadout Points to equip.
  • Putting ! before your chat will now shout for all to hear (Premium Members Only)
  • The Strength & Regen potions now cost 18 Loadout Points to equip (instead of 15)
  • Full Diamond Armor now requires 28 Loadout Points (instead of 24)



Nexus Staff Applications! (CLOSED)

  Celestiielle ·   128 comments · View on Forum

Moderator Applications!
Hey guys!

Hannah & Ashley (Celestiielle & AshPurdyy) coming to you guys today to announce, that Ash and myself, will be holding Moderator Applications!
These are open for 3 days, and close 7pm on the 22nd of August, MST. (Arizona)
NOTE: We are mainly interested in European & Australian players, as of now we only have 5 European and Australia mods!!

How do you Apply?
~Private Message (PM) Myself and Ash. (  Celestiielle &   AshPurdyy)
~Answer the following questions in the PM:
( * = Required)

 * IGN & IRL name:
* Age (must be at least 15 years old):
* Timezone: 
* What's your Skype?:
* Do you have a recording software?:
Do you believe everyone who kills you is a hacker?:

* What would you, as a moderator bring to the Nexus Staff Team?:
* Name some traits you have (Example: Patience):
Final notes?:

NOTE: When you apply, we will personally run a background check on you, if you have been found to be banned/punished, you will immediately be Rejected.

Now that you've applied, and if you haven't, you probably should, we should fill you in on some information!
We require your Skype for quick & easy access to chat with you, in need of mod talk, or general chit-chat.
We also need to inform you that we use Slack, as a team messenger, if you are accepted then you will be filled in on more information, so don't worry!

Upon acceptance by Ash & Myself, you will be informed about which Administrator will interview you, we will arrange a time, and they will interview you.
Answer the questions the best you can, and they may add you to the Staff Team.
If not, there's always the next time we open the applications!

We thank you for reading!
Good luck to all applying!
Hannah & Ashley - Nexus Staff

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